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April 9, 2011

I’m working on some text and images for this site that will hopefully be of use as reference material to someone out there. At this stage it’s hard to know what’s actually going to appear here.

After a long search and viewings all around the coast of Scotland including Granton, Kirkcudbright, Portpatrick, Troon, Inverkip, Rhu, Oban, Nairn, Buckie, Stonehaven, Arbroath, Anstruther and many, many others. We’ve just bought a 32ft Macwester Malin bilge-keel ketch – that’s her up at the top of this page …photographed in the Netherlands, where we eventually found what we had been looking for [note: photo has been updated since this post was written].

I hope to find out more about our Macwester Malin’s history. Her last name was Bollebof and before that she was called Elodie. Although we bought her in Naarden, she had been based in Terneuzen. We also know that she was originally supplied through Philip Hammers International of Muiden. For the moment we’re assuming that she has spent all of her time in the Netherlands.

Other than that, I guess that I’ll upload relevant Macwester Malin & Wight stuff, maybe some owner-experience stuff …and see what happens. Be warned: I’m no Macwester guru. If you need a Macwester guru, a good place to look would be the Macwester Owners Association [ http://www.macwester.org/ ]



  1. Hi
    My name is Ken, I am looking at buying a macwester malin 32. Your web page is great and is giving me great conference in my perchase. I see you have a bow thruster, was this installed in your boat from the beginning or fitted by yourself? I left this message here as could not find conduct detail.

    Kind regards

    Kenneth B


    • Hello Ken, I’m pleased to hear that my macwester blog has been useful to you. The thruster was fitted to our Malin by a previous owner along with a replacement engine. As our Malin is our first boat, having the bow thruster was a real bonus in the early years, and continues to be really useful when manoeuvering in tight spaces.

      There are a few Malins out there with thrusters, however the overall condition of the yacht and key components is the most important factor, as you could always retro-fit a bow thruster, which would typically cost around £3,000.


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