Maiden Voyage: Naarden to the Forth [Part 2]

April 26, 2011

Bass Rock Easter 2011

We slept in shifts. The nights were very cold, dark and contained sporadic banks of fog. By day four we had reached the Bass Rock. It was alive with gannets, which swarmed all over it, and were diving into the sea all around us. Just a couple of miles further on and we had a dolphin alongside for a while …and then in quick succession as the light was fading there were also seals as we headed towards the Forth Bridges.

Dolphins in the Forth, Easter 2011

Almost home, our chunky Lombardini engine was making good headway against the tide as we passed under the Forth Bridge. By then we were relishing the thought of toasting our success, and our engagement before closing time at the Ship Inn. Using the pub as a handy reference point, our Dutch skipper understandably took his time to navigate through the unfamiliar rocks in the pitch black.

So there we were… After months of planning, four 24/7 days at sea, and almost 400nm we ran out of water 3 metres from our drying mooring.

Stuck firmly in the mud within ear-shot of the pub, we turned the lights out and could only dream of last orders, robustly patting each other on the back, and revelling in the glory of completing our maiden voyage.

For more photos of our journey see here


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