Port Edgar sortie

June 7, 2011

Forth Bridge videograb

We popped along to Port Edgar on Friday night with five other boats from the club; we just made it off our mooring before the tide dropped and we became stranded. We used the engine to catch-up with the other boats, hitting just over 8 knots when we gave it some beans for a short burst.

As it turned out all club members eventually congregated on our boat, which quickly got labelled ‘the party boat’ due to the interior space. We had nine adults and four children aboard …thirteen in total. At one stage there were nine in the cockpit, but that was just a bit too cosy, so there ended up being seven in the cockpit and six in the main cabin. By my reckoning there could comfortably be six in the cockpit, and eight in the main cabin before it becomes a bit too busy …so we were heading towards full occupancy. Anyhoo, everyone seemed to have a good time, and it became gradually less busy until we turned the lights out at 1 am.

Macwester Malin at Port Edgar

Rather obviously “The Party Boat” wasn’t in the running as a new name for our Macwester Malin, however it looks as though we’ve decided on “Indefatigable Banks”. Bit of a mouthful admittedly, but that was where I got down on one knee a couple of months ago on our way across the North Sea, and so it has some sort of emotional relevance to us.

Better get practising my phonetic alphabet then. Indigo, November, Delta… …


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