Nothing but Easterlies since Easter

June 13, 2011

I don’t know about where you are, but it rained [and was cold] almost all weekend on the East coast of Scotland. Can’t say that I’ve ever been aware of so many Easterlies. It seems to me that since Easter, we’ve had a series of back-to-back Easterlies, with only short spells of Westerlies.

still water on the Forth

Following Saturday’s rain, Sunday morning started well with little cloud and the river was like a mill pond [see photo above taken from our deck]. We reasoned that we might just be lucky enough to sneak in a summer’s day before the weather deteriorated inline with the forecast. With this in mind we decided to head to Blackness Castle, and if the weather was up to the job, we planned a picnic within the grounds.

The wind had picked up a little by the time we were ready to set-off; things didn’t start particularly well. Our fixed mooring is set-up for Westerlies, so getting on and off our mooring in an Easterly is a wee bit more work. I threw the linkline windward, and as expected the stern of our Macwester started to blow around. Unfortunately the dinghy, which was attached to the linkline, had blown round to the leeward side of the Malin’s stern. As it turned out, the linkline was under the hull and snagged on the rudder, so there was nothing I could do other than jump into the dingy with a boathook. After a bit of faffing around I managed to free the linkline and then rapidly ran the risk of being stranded on the dingy as the stern of our Macwester Malin resumed it’s journey away from the Easterly wind. As I launched myself from the dinghy up over the port side of our boat …I felt fortunate that I hadn’t taken a bath.

River Forth Jet Skis

Out on the Forth it was  a pleasant enough day. Amongst the yachts, we shared the river with an aircraft carrier heading for Rosyth and a couple of jetskis that were heading East from Grangemouth direction.

Blackness Castle pier

As we approached Blackness Castle, it became clear that berthing alongside the pier with a noticeable Easterly simply wasn’t a great idea. While the waves weren’t exactly large, there were teenie little baby white caps where we would have drawn alongside the end of the castle pier [see pier on left of photo above]. At best it would have been uncomfortable. So we gave up on the idea of a picnic and decided to have a late lunch back on our mooring. Hopefully we’ll be able to complete the trip to Blackness Castle later in the summer, once we have returned to a regular pattern of Westerlies.


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