Dysart; very pretty but not our cup of tea

July 2, 2011

Following our stay in Aberdour, we decided to head up the coast to Elie. The plan was to stop off at Dysart for an overnight, as this removed any pressure from rushing to make Elie before the tide dropped.

Macwester 32 helm

The weather was good when we left, and my youngest son spent some time at the helm of our Macwester Malin ketch despite being too small to see. His solution was to stand on the aft cabin entrance …and from one or two low angles this looked like there was nobody at the wheel.

Dysart rescue

The wind picked up a bit as we were approaching Dysart, and the kids were a little uneasy with the waves. On our approach we were asked for help by a yacht that had engine trouble. We circled round ready to tow the stricken yacht into the harbour, but it turned out that a local fishing boat was already on route and we let them carry on with the rescue as it was our first visit to the harbour.

Dysart Harbour

Dysart itself is a very picturesque harbour, and well worth a visit …by car. Not sure that we’ll be back in a hurry by sea. I guess that’s for two main reasons. Firstly most of the locals fishing on the pier appeared to be either inebriated or perhaps more likely out of their heads on crack …and that made us a little uncomfortable given that our kids were keen to be on the same pier fishing.

Macwester 32 ketch - Dysart

Secondly, the visitors berth is right at the entrance to the harbour and not particularly well protected from the Firth of Forth. The visitors berth is also compacted/rocky and all six of us sleeping on-board were woken/distressed by the bashing that our 32ft Macwester took when the tide was coming in during the night.

Macwester 32 cockpit

By the Sunday, the colder weather was replaced with sunshine and all was relative calm. The shot above is looking down into the centre cockpit of our Macwester Malin. Right about then one of the kids decided to be a bit stroppy, and when we took this along with the weather forecast which predicted thunderstorms in a couple of days time …we decided to leave Elie for another trip and point our Malin’s bow back to Aberdour.


One comment

  1. Its a pity the visitor in the Macwester formed such a poor opinion of us here in Dysart. I can assure him none of the neds on the pier were members of this club. We are an open public harbour and unfortunately have no control over who uses the piers, though I doubt if any of them were drunk or on crack. As to the moorings if any visitor feels uncomfortable where he is he can always ask for somewhere safer. We locals routinely advise visitors to move to the inner dock for a more settled night.

    We are a very safe harbour with a warm welcome to visitors and I suspect he was just unlucky on that particular visit. Should he or any boaties pay us a visit, they’ll find us a friendly and accommodating bunch. Hey! we go places too you know.


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