Better weather for sailing at last!

July 27, 2011

Macwester Malin 32

We made it out for a few more trips on our Macwester Malin in July. Half way through the month we headed back to Aberdour for a break without the kids. We had a wee problem with the air outlet from the Malin’s stern gland on the first night as it started to leak around midnight. Fortunately we were well prepared. After we stopped the leak there was a sustained period of diagnostics lasting many days to firmly establish the root cause. Initially however, a friend from our club, who kindly drove over in person to see the problem at the drop of a hat, diagnosed that the jubilee clips on the stern gland were a bit loose and this allowed the shaft to rotate the air outlet tube around itself and tear a hole. He made an on the spot repair, that allowed us to get back out on the water. There’s no doubt that having friends at our club has been a huge helping hand during our first season.

A week or so later we headed over to Port Edgar with other club members on the Friday night. We all spent the evening cheerily crammed on to a 26ft Westerly Regatta. The next day the plan was to anchor off Inchcolm, but the conditions meant that we sailed straight past Inchcolm and anchored off Aberdour instead.

Macwester Malin ketch off Inchcolm

For us the trip was the first time that we managed to get all three sails up on our Malin at the same time. Our relatively heavy Macwester surprised us with a reasonable turn of speed in light winds. We were caught by a Westerly Konsort Duo from the club (who took the above photograph of us approaching Inchcolm from the West using a mobile phone), but her skipper needed to use her sails and engine to catch us.

Most of the club members headed over to Crammond for the night, but even with a bow thruster we were a little bit concerned about our size and lack of experience in really tight spaces, so we opted for an easy night in Aberdour.

Barnbougle Castle on the River Forth

As the weather was so good …our overnight turned into three nights. When it finally came time to set a course for home, we meandered along Mortimer’s Deep, and then sailed from Dalgety Bay over to Barnbougle Castle before slipping back under the bridges and into Port Edgar.


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