Gearbox maintenance @ Capernaum Pier

August 4, 2011

Macwester 32 ketch

We ended up ‘alongside’ at Capernaum Pier in Limekilns for a number of days in early August. Not the easiest of harbours to get into, as there can be quite a few boats on the pontoons toward the front of the harbour, and it’s already pretty busy with FCC member boats. Limekilns is a great wee village, and well worth the 45 minute sail up river from Port Edgar if you ever get the chance. Don’t miss out on trying a slice of apple pie at the Ship Inn.

Macwester Malin view forwards

The weather was pretty mild when we were there, with the exception of one or two days, such as Saturday the 6th …which was the day of the local raft race. We had planned to pop along to see the race, but we had unexpected guests onboard, and so we stayed dry inside. Maybe next year.

30hp Lombardini Engine

We had nagging doubts about forward drive on our 32ft Macwester Malin over the previous week or two, therefore we took the opportunity to have the gearbox oil changed by a marine engineer who is a friend and member at our club. The old gearbox oil was filthy, and it seems feasible that the oil hadn’t been changed since the original engine was replaced with a new Lombardini 30hp unit five years ago. Following fresh oil we still weren’t happy with forward drive, and as our friend the engineer was available to hand, we asked him to explore further. He took the gearbox out for inspection back at his workshop.

Macwester Malin 32

Returning the following day, the good news was that were no material problems. The gearbox simply needed a bit of a clean, as the oil is supposed to be changed annually. The engineer said that everything looked brand new inside, and added that it was a really well made bit of kit. Forward drive was back to optimum performance, and we were glad that we’d taken remedial action before any real problem developed.


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