Thumbs-up after storm

September 15, 2011

With the sun putting in an overdue appearance today, we played hooky and nipped over to check that our 32ft Malin had escaped any damage during this week’s storm.

Our mooring is reasonably well protected, and as we had hoped there were no problems. Not everyone was so fortunate; one of the local dinghies was on the verge of sinking, and a few metres away from our mooring a small yacht had broken it’s bow strop. Fortunately it was held away from the promenade wall by the twin rear strop specification that our club insists upon. However in nearby Blackness, another small yacht was less fortunate, as it sank in the heavy weather.

We made it out for a short sail while the tide filled the Firth of Forth. We had no particular destination or plan, and were really just pottering around for a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine. We kept the main sail under cover, and managed a relaxed 5.5 knots using the genoa and mizzen in a strengthening light breeze.

The weather forecast isn’t too great for the coming weekend, so I’m not sure that we’ll get away anywhere. Perhaps we’ll just keep our Mac on her mooring and attend to some of the wee jobs that need doing.


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