September sortie to …somewhere

September 26, 2011

River Forth Inchkeith

With the September weekend upon us, we slipped our mooring and ventured out on to the Forth on Saturday with three of our kids. We set off without much of a game-plan other than to see where the wind took us. Unfortunately the children didn’t have much luck at wildlife spotting. No seals, no puffins, and no dolphins …but the kids seemed to have a good time nonetheless. In the end we made it out past Inchcolm and Crammond out to Inchkeith, before we realised that with the wind and tide at our backs we’d have to allow a fair bit of time for the journey back to Port Edgar for dinner. The shot above shows us leaving Inchkeith behind, with Leith just visible on the far right.

River Forth Hound Point

Our Macwester Malin was chased back towards the bridges by a tug heading for Hound Point, which is the where we passed through after giving-up on sailing directly into the wind. The shot above shows Hound Point through our Malin’s sprayhood, with the Forth Bridge in the background.

Forth Bridge

Arriving at a pretty busy Port Edgar, we decided to head to the far side of the marina, as we knew that the water supply was faulty at the East side where we typically tie our yacht up. This didn’t work out so well, because when we docked alongside a vacant pontoon, my fiancée [who had jumped ashore with the lines] nearly ended up falling in-between our Malin and the pontoon, when the pontoon collapsed in towards our yacht’s hull. It turns out that the pontoon had failed a few weeks before and had ineffectually been strapped in place with some rope. We left the West side and headed back round to the East of the marina, where we managed to find a vacant if rather short pontoon. On the plus side, the weather was really good, and we enjoyed a very pleasant evening.

Macwester Malin

The next morning, I headed out for an early morning walk to work-up an appetite. Rather disappointingly a text came through instructing me that I had to cut my walk short and get back to our Macwester in a hurry. Apparently our yacht was berthed too close to the crane [just visible on the right-hand-side in the image above] …and a large yacht was being ‘craned in’ within 45 minutes. With this in mind, we scrapped our plans for a leisurely cooked breakfast and prepped to leave instead.

This meant that we were out on the water a couple of hours earlier than expected. Nonetheless, we popped the genoa and the mizzen up and headed off. We made pretty good progress without the main sail, but with the wind picking-up and our speed rising to eight knots, one of the kids started becoming a bit unsettled. So we decided to reduce the amount of sail that we had, before eventually chucking in the towel, and resorting to engine power to meander around in the choppy conditions …until such times as our mooring became accessible.


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