Tide’s out til spring

October 10, 2011


Macwester Malin 32 crane-out

Well, that’s crane-out weekend over and done with for 2011, and I no longer need to keep my eye on the weather or the tide until next spring. As it turned out the weather wasn’t great, with rain on Saturday and strong winds on Sunday.


We got our dinghy out first, towing her round with the rescue boat from our mooring at the other pier and lifting her out on to the hard using one of our club’s heavy-duty, ex-navy davits.


After a full season in the water, our tender was covered in barnacles …I even found a baby limpet. Note to self: consider applying some anti-fouling before next season.


Our 5.5 tonne Macwester Malin Indefatigable Banks came out on the Saturday too. No barnacles or seaweed to be seen, which was good news given that she spent last winter in the water over in the Netherlands, and hadn’t been anti-fouled since spring 2010. I took the sprayhood and cockpit tent off to avoid any damage. When our Macwester came out, the crane strops were a wee bit further apart than I had planned, but the lift went well enough. The manoeuvre was a tad complicated as the crane driver’s view was partially blocked, given that our yacht was being parked behind a six-foot wall. At one stage I was almost caught between the wall and the boat’s hull – not sure my hard hat would have helped much. On the plus side the wall will offer good protection against this winter’s westerlies.

aft deck view

Above: strange new view from our Malin’s aft deck. Crane-out was suspended on Sunday morning because of the wind. We did eventually get all of the boats out, but it was substantially later than planned. The last item for the crane to lift was our main mast. In the blustery conditions, I climbed our Macwester’s mizzen mast to release a cable that ran to the main mast, and we loosened all of the rigging in preparation for taking the mast down. Although the light was fading, we got the mast off and our day was rounded-off with a celebratory beer in the clubhouse.


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