Scottish Boat Show 2011

October 16, 2011

Rolls Royce

We popped over to the Scottish Boat Show for the second year running on Saturday. There was a bit of ‘show’ sprinkled here and there …with a 007 ‘Quantum of Solace’ Sunseeker along with some other glitter, but overall it’s still less of a ‘boat show’ and more of a ‘sales event’. Hat’s off to the organisers for trying and for moving in the right direction, however without meaningful support from the manufacturers it looks like an uphill struggle.

While we were keen buyers last year; this year we were double-checking to see if there was anything out there that might make us question our purchase. The good news is that nothing came close to meeting our brief and budget.

Elan Impression 434

Although we succumbed to looking at more exotic yachts such as the lovely 2009 Elan Impression 434 pictured above [retailing @ £175,000], we also viewed a few boats that were around the same size as our 32ft Macwester Malin including a 1988 Moody Eclipse 33 [retailing @ £57,000].

Along with Southerly 100s, I have always liked the Eclipse externally, but was a bit disappointed with the Moody’s interior. It’s a pretty busy place inside and this example was a tad on the tired side. We also looked at a new Hanse 325 [retailing @ at £75,000]. It’s a nice boat, which is undoubtably more modern than our Malin, but we couldn’t help but feel that, along with the 33ft Eclipse, it felt very small inside.

I’ve tried to figure this out, because the Hanse will have a much beamier stern, and the use of interior space should be streets ahead of our Macwester given the advances in design over the last thirty years, but it didn’t feel bigger …it felt much smaller. I can only put it down to the combination of our Malin’s enclosed centre cockpit, and its ‘proper’ aft cabin. I say ‘proper’, because the 32ft Malin’s aft cabin is a dedicated living space at the stern, while the 32ft Hanse has [like many modern yachts] a trumped-up pilot berth that’s squished underneath the cockpit. Perhaps wrongly, I tend to exclude these subterranean dungeons from my personal perception of the holistic space available onboard.

Of course, it could be that I’m short of objectivity when it comes to our yacht. Let’s be clear, I’m not trying to argue that our Macwester Malin is a better boat than the Moody or the Hanse, all I’m saying is that we certainly wouldn’t trade our Macwester in for either purely on the basis of gaining additional living space.

For more info on our Macwester Malin’s layout click here.


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