East Windies

November 27, 2011

Macwester Malin with tarpaulin cover for the winter

As usual I popped over to our yacht club on the East Coast of Scotland over the weekend to check on our Macwester Malin ketch and attend to a few jobs. The heavy-duty tarpaulin that I had covered our Malin’s centre cockpit with has been taking a real bashing over the last couple of days. It was new when fitted a couple of weeks ago, but it’s clear to me that it’s unlikely to last much longer.

Macwester Malin with tarpaulin cover for the winter

With the main mast down already, I ran a ridge pole back to the mizzen mast and made a triangular tent, but the gales have made short work of the tarpaulin. Looks like I’ll have to have a rethink.

high tide spray

Before I left the boatyard, as usual I spent a few moments looking out at the water. I’ve seen the River Forth choppier, and was quite surprised that the wind wasn’t causing bigger waves. After all it was high-tide, and the wind coming from the West was pretty strong; hard to know how strong, but the forecast was for sixty to seventy mph. In the image above you can see some spray at the boatyard’s footpath entrance (looking West) …and then below you can see the spray at the same entrance a split-second before I got drenched, as I meandered over for a closer look at the water.

high tide spray in my face

Fortunately my video camera is waterproof, even if I’m prone to getting a little bit soggy around the edges.


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