Loony Dook …and Dip

January 1, 2012

How desperate are you to get back on/in the water in 2012?

The ‘Loony Dook’ at South Queensferry and the ‘Limekilns Dip’ both take place in Scotland on New Year’s Day. The general idea is that ‘the dook’ and ‘the dip’ act as an instant remedy for your hangover. I have given this much consideration …and reckon that I’d still need to be ‘totally loaded’ before I pulled-on my mankini and jumped in the Forth on the first of January.

This morning, we had loosely considered doing the dip at 10am and then popping over to the dook at 11am to support the dippers and dookers on both sides of the River Forth [all of whom have a have a wee bit more bottle than me]. However the Dip at Limekilns was postponed until 10.30 …so we couldn’t make it over to South Queensferry for the Dook. Maybe next year.

Well done to all the ‘Dippers’ and ‘Dookers’ raising money for charity.

Happy new year to you and yours; thanks for reading!


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