Costa Concordia sinking

January 15, 2012

When I saw the earliest photos of the stricken Costa Concordia, I was particularly taken aback as I thought that we had sailed past her a couple of times last summer at South Queensferry [near Edinburgh]. As it happens I was wrong; they are visually very similar [click here for a link to a photo with them both together], however we actually sailed past the Costa Magica shown in these images.

Both operated by ‘Costa Cruises’, the Costa Magica is a slightly smaller ship than the Costa Concordia, which is another 20 metres long at 290m. I think that it’s really hard to get a grip on the gargantuan size of these ships. The blue and white boat on the right of the image below is a large craft with a capacity of 230 people, where as the Costa Magica has a capacity of around 3750, and the Costa Concordia had a capacity of 5400.

At 271 metres, the Costa Magica dwarfed our 32ft Macwester Malin as we sailed past, but then she dwarfed everything else on the River Forth too …and even had a pop at challenging the Forth Bridge in the ‘biggest-hardware-in-sight’ competition. She was absolutely massive, even her teeny-little shuttle craft were bigger than our yacht.

The thought of something that size sinking is a tad surreal, and I guess it’s fortunate that most of the 4000+ passengers and staff made it off unharmed. I’ve included videograbs of the Costa Magica [taken on the 5th and 15th of June 2011] here in order to try to get across the idea of scale, given that the Forth Bridge is a good point of reference.

Like most who venture out on to the water, our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who didn’t make it. Although it’s beginning to look unlikely, let’s hope that there are still more survivors waiting to be rescued.


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