How long is a piece of string?

March 4, 2012

164 feet. I’ve always wondered what the answer to that one was, and now you know too : )

I should explain that we decided it was time to replace the warps/ropes that came along with our 32ft Macwester Malin ketch when we bought her last year. Some of the ropes were pretty tired, so we’ve purchased 50 metres of 16mm navy braid-on-braid dockline, and a further 10 metres of 14mm navy braid-on-braid dockline as back-up. The 16mm rope has a breaking strain of 6700kg, and the 14mm will give up the ghost at 5500kg. As our twin-keel Macwester Malin tips the scales at 5.5 tonnes, the new rope should do the trick.

While we’re at it, with the main mast down, we’re replacing some of the halyards, so we picked-up 80 metres of 8mm braid-on-braid rope, and a further 20 metres of 6mm braid-on-braid rope.

On a bit of a roll, we also plan to replace the fenders this coming season. There is nothing technically wrong with the fenders that came along with our yacht, so no panic buying required. We will probably wait until after crane-in, as the next month is going to be very busy working through my “to-do” list. However as you can see from the photo above they’re a bit scruffy around the edges. We’ll probably retain of one or two of the old ones as back-up …especially the big, fat one in the middle.

Yes; it’s a sad day indeed when you realise that you have a favourite fender.


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