Prepping for the new season Part 1

April 4, 2012

I haven’t posted a blog for a month or so, because I’ve been tied-up working my way through my spring 2012 ‘to do’ list in order to get our 32ft Macwester Malin back in the water over Easter. So apologies that this is a bit behind the curve.

There were tons of small tasks, but most of the key pre-season jobs revolved around the main mast (down over winter), and any jobs below the waterline. These included:

Replacing most of the ropes/halyards and washing the ones we retained.

Checking / fixing the wiring, lights and replacing bulbs.

Checking & refurbishing the spars. This shot prior to taping the plastic ‘spreader boot’ on.

Replacing the impeller. The existing 10 blade Jabsco impeller (top) was dirty, but in very good condition. Retained as a spare. See part two of this post for part number details.

Replacing the engine anode. The anode is situated under the engine block (that’s it side on in the top middle of the image above), so is hard to access. See part two of this post for part number details.

More to follow in part two which is coming soon.


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