Crane-in 2012

April 8, 2012

Macwester Malin crane-in

We’re back in the water, and [almost] ready for the new season.

A bit of a dull start to crane-in day weather-wise, but the process passed without a hitch. Our main mast was back up well before 9am, and we were alongside by 9.30am, hours before the tide would make an appearance. The weather took a turn for the worse on day two, so those club members who keep their fin keelers at Port Edgar marina during the season were faced with a choppy journey to South Queensferry.

Macwester Malin 32 ketch alongside

We have still to finish putting the sails on, check the rigging, and restock our Macwester with a multitude of boatie-bits stored away for the winter in the garage, attic, dining room, yada-yada-yada …so it’s a slow start to the season for us. I’m not sure we’ll get much in the way of sailing done before May, but we’ll still be back and forth to the boat regularly in the interim period.

Better go look for my sea legs …now where on earth did I put them?


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