Strong money for Euro Macs

April 27, 2012

Euro Mac ads

Are 32ft Macwesters particularly sought after on mainland Europe?

I couldn’t help but notice one or two ads for 32ft Macwesters for sale in the Eurozone, both with asking prices of around the 35,000 Euro mark. There’s a Macwester Wight for sale [shown top] asking €34,500, and a Macwester Malin for sale [shown bottom] asking €35,000.

Viewed from a debt-ridden UK in the midst of the 2012 double-dip recession, these look like relatively strong prices given that at the moment the Euro is near parity with the GBP and [with all due respect], on the surface neither sound like they’re 100/100 point examples; the Malin appears to have it’s original BMC engine for example.

Reflecting on this, it is fair to state that when we bought our Malin in the Netherlands last spring there was quite a bit of competition …so perhaps strong Eurozone prices are down to a shortage of examples, coupled with a healthy appetite for ‘Big Macs’ on the continent.


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