Boats n shows

July 17, 2012

Kirkcaldy Bay

After waiting a few days for better weather, we headed off for a mini summer cruise in early July aboard our Macwester Malin ketch. We had a brief stop in Port Edgar to get a weather update, and then decided to head straight for Anstruther. As we were heading into the wind we cranked up our Lombardini diesel engine, leaving the sails under wraps. The weather wasn’t too bad until we were well across Kirkcaldy Bay. To the South the weather was bright and fine, but the gloomy black cloud bank that was enveloping the coast to the North was destined to consume us before we reached Elie. Fortunately the sea didn’t become chewy as we had feared, but we fastened the cockpit tent sides down around our centre cockpit to keep out the torrential rain.

Lifeboat crew training

Five hours after we set off, we reached Anstruther. It was calm and relatively bright by the time we tied up to a pontoon and plugged into shore power. The harbour was busy. The local lifeboat crew were cheerfully going through their weekly training session, and yes, unfortunately the carnies were on the pier about 20 metres off our stern. I fully understand that travelling folks are entitled to make a living, but we couldn’t help but feel that a fun-fair running all day and night was somewhat at odds with an otherwise peaceful marina. Having never even heard of Katy Perry before, I now know the all of the lyrics to her most popular tunes.

Marina at Anstruther

We had set-off from Port Edgar without the depth sounder display, which I had sent back to Nasa Marine just prior to leaving. Nasa did a great job turning around the kit within the same day and it arrived back with us in Anstruther the morning after we arrived. Unfortunately the remedial work at Nasa didn’t fix the problem, and despite spending many hours reinstalling it, I failed to get it operational for the rest of our trip.

Nasa Marine Clipper Duet upgrade

With disappointing weather conditions and no functioning depth sounder we weren’t all that keen on venturing to Crail and St Andrews by sea. Instead we walked East along the coast to Crail and confirmed that there really was no space for our 32ft Macwester there.  Then, after another couple of days of wall-to-wall ‘banging tunes’ we developed really itchy feet and so we went by road to scope-out St Andrews. Although the harbour was quite tight, we reckoned that we could navigate it without a depth sounder …however neither of us would have wanted to stay even for one night there; it was a grubby disappointment and a surprising discredit to St Andrews. Reluctantly we decided not to travel any further East, so the next stop on our mini-cruise would take us nearer home.


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