Tides, terns & torrential rain

September 11, 2012

Between family commitments, tides that didn’t match our free time, and inclement weather, we recently had quite a few weeks when we didn’t make it off our mooring. Sometimes this means resorting to wading through the mud and climbing aboard when the tide is out. We have three sets of ladders for our Macwester Malin, however we now mainly use a wooden set for access when the tide is out. Top tip; don’t forget to retrieve your wellies from the mud if you’re staying onboard while the tide comes back in.

Even although the weather was not ideal for sailing (or at least to our taste), being afloat on our mooring can be a relaxing and enjoyable place to be. In no small part this is because of our centre-cockpit tent which gives us access to the full length of our yacht no matter the weather.

hula hoop tern

Actually, we spend most of our time in the cockpit. That’s where we typically eat, talk, read and generally watch the world go by. While bobbing around on our mooring isn’t the primary reason that we purchased our yacht, it does constitute part of our season. Personally I to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong; I like going sailing, and I like cruising to other harbours and marinas, but I also like our local village, local pub, and our yacht club. It’s a smashing spot and a great place to spend time. If we weren’t already there, it would definitely be one of my favourite cruising destinations …probably sharing the number one spot with Aberdour.


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