September Weekend 2012

September 24, 2012

Forth Bridges Rainbow

We got our sails up and set-off on the Friday evening hoping to make it to Aberdour at around high tide, but the light was fading faster than we had anticipated and there was heavy rain ahead. So rather than arrive drenched in the dark, we dropped our sails and diverted into Port Edgar thinking that we might complete the journey on the next tide.

Macwester Malin 32 centre cockpit

We slept well. The weather the next morning was glorious, however we didn’t set sail for Aberdour as a family visitor dropped in for the day. With this being the case, we decided that we’d spend the rest of the weekend at Port Edgar, and return home on Sunday night’s late tide.

That day there was an open water race with swimmers crossing from South Queensferry to North Queensferry (not something that I’d choose to do). We didn’t catch the race, but we did see one of the tugs blowing off some water as a salute to the swimmers.

We also had a visitor in the marina just yards from our Macwester. According to a couple with a Westerly that we first met in Elie earlier in the summer, this young seal puts in an appearance most days.

Another unforeseen change of plans kicked in early on the Sunday morning. We knew that it would be dusk by the time we would reach our mooring on the late tide that day, but by early on Sunday morning the shipping forecast was indicating that the wind would be picking-up substantially ahead of a low pressure bringing gale force 9 winds on Monday ( see storm photos 5 miles East of Port Edgar at Granton here ). While we didn’t want to cut our weekend short, (keeping in mind last season’s F8 sail from Port Edgar), we got out of bed, skipped breakfast and headed for home.

With virtually no sign of any wind, we motored peacefully along the early morning River Forth back to our mooring. As it turned out the heavy weather didn’t kick-in until after our intended return, but we now play it safe …and typically that translates into a more leisurely and pleasurable experience. Yay.


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