Euro Mac prices on the rise

October 3, 2012

Macwester Wight and Malin for sale

Back in April this year I posted a short article on strong asking prices for 32ft Macwesters (click here) in the Eurozone.

Now that we’re at the end of the 2012 season, there doesn’t appear to be any softening of asking prices …in fact if anything they appear to have drifted up a little according to two examples that I noticed for sale recently.

There was a €40,000 Macwester Wight MK II for sale lying in Germany and a €38,000 Macwester Malin for sale lying in Turkey (best I can tell). With the current Euro/GBP exchange rate that places both of those examples North of £30,000. While I haven’t done the math on the exchange rate now versus the exchange rate back in April, these remain pretty healthy valuations given the prolonged economic downturn, and typical softening of prices at the end-of-season.

If this upwards trend continues, I might have to dig out my polish!



  1. Time for me to sell my Malin, as I have already bought a 40ft Bruce Roberts in steel. It’s one you already know about in Wells-next-the-Sea. But I suppose I will have to bring it closer to the channel to sell it. Nice yacht, but too small for living aboard on long voyages.



    • Hello Kevin, Is that Pretty Flamingo?


      • Yes, I thought you new the yacht from the previous owner.


  2. Yes, that’s right. Pink Flamingo is the only Malin sloop that I’ve spotted, so she’s possibly quite rare. I think that she also is a slightly later build than ours, with an extra pair of windows in the aft cabin.

    I’d welcome some photos for the Malin section of the photobank ( https://macwester.wordpress.com/macwester-malin/ ) if you get a moment Kevin, as there are only two examples at present and they’re both ketches.


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