Winterisation 2012

November 3, 2012

Macwester Malin on the hard

If you’ve been following this Macwester blog for a while, you might remember that I made detailed notes on winterisation last year see here and here …so this year I’m broadly following the same process. There seems little point in repeating the information that I documented last year, so I’ll only comment briefly, unless it’s something that wasn’t covered previously.

Macwester Malin bow thruster

As usual, I had underestimated the amount of time that hosing down our Malin’s 32ft hull would take me; it pretty much accounted for half a day with the pressure washer.

macwester blog notes on ipda

When it came to winterising our Lombardini diesel engine, I made sure that I took my iPad with me so that I could refer back to last year’s step-by-step notes as described in my blog links in the first paragraph of this post. I also had video as a back-up, and that helped me ensure that I didn’t forget anything.

Lombardini Marine engine anode

Having removed the brand new impeller that I installed in the spring, I popped the spare impeller in  for the winter. I also checked the engine anode which was also newly fitted in the spring. Just as last year, I checked the oil in the gearbox. No problems this year, but that’s as expected given that I changed the gearbox oil over last winter. However I did have problems when it came to changing the engine oil. I was unable to remove and replace the oil filter, presumably as ‘some idiot’ had tightened the current one too much…




yes …it was me.

fresh water engine flush

I decided to swap the oil over nonetheless. My plan is to tackle it again in the spring including doing another oil change while I’m at it. Having flushed the salt water out with fresh water in the same way as last year, I changed the oil and then I ran a mixture of anti-freeze and fresh water through the engine and popped a rag in the exhaust outlet.

Macwester Malin boom tent

After taking the cockpit tent down I popped the boom tent up with a view to keeping that in place over the winter to offer some additional protection to the wood in our Macwester Malin’s centre cockpit. I left it in place for a day or two, but decided that the inevitable gale force winds would make short work of it, so I took it back down and will just have to monitor the tarpaulin sheets that are in place.

Next on my list is to make a third attempt at retrieving the rear mooring strops from the mud. I’m having trouble getting two shackles off – it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it and that someone is me. Over and above winterisation, I’m starting to collate my off-season ‘to-do’ list, so far it looks a little bit like this:

  • Stern gland leak
  • Explore newly-exposed join near the propeller
  • Electrical shorting problem; main cabin led lights
  • Electrical shorting problem; interference with Nasa Clipper depth transducer
  • Change oil (again) and filters
  • Check sails
  • Purchase replacement fastening stud for cockpit tent
  • Dinghy – Broken rollock holder
  • Dinghy – Punctured gel coat

There’s more. This list will swell over the coming weeks and new additions will appear here, where I know where they are, rather than on disparate scraps of paper that I can never find when I need them.


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