Green light in run-up to the new season…

March 7, 2013


One month to go until crane in …and we’re in full swing preparing for the new season. Amongst other things, We’ve fixed our yacht’s internal electrical fault with the generous help of our club sparkie, who quickly spotted an earthing problem that I simply couldn’t see. While he was checking over our electrics, he commented that our batteries were impressively meaty and that we had all the electrical bells and whistles. Good news. Hopefully, we’ve also fixed the transducer problem which (having already replaced/tested 100% of the hardware) I’m now pretty much convinced was an electrical fault, but we won’t know for sure until our Macwester Malin floats on the 6th of April.


Additionally, we’ve fixed a separate electrical fault with one of our navigation lights (see top). We’ve fixed the broken rollock on the dinghy and the gelcoat puncture in our dinghy’s little keel and as you can see in the photo above we’ve quickly splashed some of last year’s anti-foul on her bottom.


And… we’ve polished our Macwester Malin’s propeller. We’ve fitted a chunky stainless steel hoop in the centre cockpit for attaching lifelines. We’ve power-washed the hull and decks with a friends ride-on uber-power-washer. Okay, it’s not actually a ride-on, but it’s a duel-powered-steam-breathing monster. See above and below for evidence.


In addition, we’ve bought a replacement stern gland, opting for a mechanical seal made by ‘ManeCraft’. The previous Allpa seal has been removed and I’m now in the process of sourcing additional stainless steel components for the stern gland installation, including a 1/2 x 1/4 straight reducer (3 components) and a 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/4 reducing Tee (see 5 component solution below). This has proven difficult as the required parts are not available off the shelf, so the only option is to make them up from 316 stainless steel components. Incidentally, many thanks to John of ‘Flow Technology’ in West Yorkshire who informed me that I was searching for something that simply didn’t exist and, despite having the component parts available, put me on to ‘Complete Stainless‘ in Cumbernauld who are much nearer.


Where was I? Ah, yes, we’ve bought six new size four Majoni navy blue fenders. We’ve bought a spare boat hook, and as I mentioned previously we’ve bought 5 litres of antifoul paint, some more navy braid-on-braid rope, various shackles, carbine clips, grease and other stuff that I can’t recall.

I’m fully focussed on the must-do-before-we-hit-the-water list over the remaining weekends. That’s mainly fitting the stern gland, re-aligning the engine, re-commissioning the engine, applying the anti-foul paint, and reinstalling the mooring. Any other jobs can happen after crane-in, but the aforementioned all need to be dealt with this month.

It’s gonna be busy, but it’s gonna be good!


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