A very busy Easter weekend

April 2, 2013

Macwester Malin 32

This Easter is the third that we’ve spent with our Macwester Malin following on from Easter 2011 when we sailed her over to the River Forth from Naarden (photos here). With exceptionally cold weather over the last month in the UK, we’ve made almost no progress with our must-do-before-crane-in list.

Anti-fouling was high on my list and I nailed that on the Saturday. The extra 100mm height added from last year (total 300mm) made a big difference and I didn’t paint between the keels with my face this year : ) We changed from red to blue this year; a couple of days later I decided to freshen-up the boottop too.


At the very top of the list was replacing our leaky stern gland. A suitably-qualified engineer and good friend fitted the new gland, while at the same time I cleared a blockage from one of our cockpit drains. The photo above shows a small diameter hose running to and from the stern gland. The hose on the right brings sea water (lubricant) from the sea water intake, and the hose exiting on the left lets any air escape. The larger hose on the right comes from the cockpit and connects to the vacant skin fitting on the right.


After recommissioning the engine, we tested the new set-up using a fresh water reservoir and everything appeared to work well.


Another must-do item was to re-install the mooring tackle. I leave the chains buried in the mud, but like to take the buoy and the strops out.


Above, end of the line for the wheelbarrow, so time to get my muscles out. The weather wasn’t too bad, and with fresh shackles to fit there were no problems. Phew!


Filling in a couple of cracks with two-pot epoxy was also on the list, but with low temperatures I had to use a fan heater to encourage the epoxy to cure. I should point out that the cracks were between the original skeg and a post-manufacture block of hard wood that has been added to offer some sort of additional support or protection to the propeller shaft. Once the epoxy had hardened, I finished the job off with anti-fouling paint.

After four very long days I made it to the end of our must-do list and we were just about ready for crane-in the following weekend. We had our fingers crossed for better weather.


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