PBO Macwester coverage

June 26, 2013

Macwester PBO

The PBO summer 2013 edition has a couple of pages (36 & 37) on a range of Macwester bilge keelers. Nothing too surprising for Macwester owners, but confirmation for prospective owners that Macwesters are sensible, strongly-built cruising yachts. The article seems to suggest that the Malin and Seaforth are both 36ft, whereas the Malin is actually an evolution of the Macwester Wight MkII and is therefore 32ft long.

Overall the article makes for positive reading and seems to reflect the enduring appeal of Macwester yachts.



  1. I am proud to say that the Macwester 27 sitting on the sandbank is our “Dauphin Blanc” a 1976 Mk 2. The location is the “Bucheron” sandbank, at the entrance to Ars en Ré near to La Rochelle
    Bob & Freddie TUFFNELL


    • That is a cracking photograph Bob. We haven’t taken the ground on a beach yet, but it’s definately something that we plan to do. When the day comes, it’s likely to look a little less tropical than your photo. Best wishes!


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