River Forth in widescreen

November 10, 2013

Port Edgar Marina

We took a break from boat maintenance this afternoon to walk over the west side of the Forth Road Bridge. By my reckoning it’s been one year and five days since our last crossing by foot (on the east side of the bridge), and today was the first time that we have walked across in daylight. The image above shows the view from the south bank of the river, looking east towards Longannet power station, with Port Edgar on the left and Rosyth on the right.

Lookinf west from the Forth Road Bridge

The weather was crisp and clear, with very little wind and it was surprisingly warm in the afternoon sunshine. Walking from one side to the other and back again takes just over an hour. Unfortunately the photographs shown here fail to properly capture the breath-taking widescreen views or the scale of what stretches out in front of you. It was truly awesome. If you ever have a spare 90 minutes and have the opportunity, then I highly recommend it.

Forth Road Bridge looking south towards Port Edgar

One of our chums from the sailing club was somewhere up above us in a microlight taking snaps, so it will be very interesting to see those …assuming that we don’t read about him in tomorrow’s papers.

Port Edgar at sunset

As regular readers of this blog might imagine, over the last month I’ve been taking photographs and video of remedial and maintenance work that I’ve been carrying out on our Macwester Malin since the end of the season. I’ll create a summary post of this work over the coming weeks, but for the moment I just wanted to share some alternative views of our closest cruising grounds.


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