Picnic @ Peatdraught Bay

June 3, 2014

Three Forth Bridges

We slipped our mooring at 3pm on Friday and set course for Port Edgar marina. We were the first of half-a-dozen yachts from our club to make it over to South Queensferry.

Macwester Malin stern

Although already fine, the weather improved further and we dangled our legs off the stern of our Macwester Malin as we basked in the sunshine. A few hours later the other club yachts arrived, and we subsequently spent a cheerful night crammed onboard a Moody 31.

Tugs at Hound Point

The plan for the following day had been to anchor off Inchcolm, however this was changed at the very last-minute and instead we set off for a picnic at Peatdraught Bay, which is adjacent to Hound Point marine terminal. The shot above shows the view approaching the anchorage to our port side, and the shot below (taken seconds later) shows the view to our starboard, with our destination circled.

Approaching Peatdraught Bay

This was our first ever attempt at anchoring and it’s fair to say that it didn’t go according to plan. Our depth log was back at the manufacturer being repaired, and as we didn’t find out about the change of destination until after departure, I had no idea how much water was under our keels. We sought directions from a club member who was already anchored [the yacht inside the orange circle above], and inevitably our keels ended up ‘dunting’ off the rocks beneath us. The noise was starkly incongruous against the tranquility of the location. Although we were travelling at under 1 knot, the act of actually hitting something was also a first, and it unsettled us both. Having checked for water ingress, we eventually managed to lay our anchor down, however the tide and the wind were at odds, so our Malin was pointing the wrong way. After some further assistance and reassurance, we were ready to head ashore.

Anchored south of Hound Point

With half-a-dozen boats anchored there must have been at least twenty adults and children to ferry back and forth to the beach. Once there, everyone seemed to have a good time while the sun did it’s best to melt our collective cool box mountain.

Anchored at Peatdraught Bay

The wind picked-up a little and getting back out to our yacht on our diminutive inflatable was more challenging than getting ashore. Nonetheless we made it without any mishaps and with the wind off our stern, we sailed back-up river to Capernaum Pier. There were already two or three other visiting yachts alongside when we arrived. Later that day we spent some time with them, prior to friends descending on our Macwester Malin en masse for the evening.

Port keel antifoul scratch

The following morning, we surveyed the keels and found that our up close and personal rendezvous with the rocks scraped some of the anti-foul paint off our port keel. Nothing too much to worry about I don’t suppose, but I’m looking forward to getting our depth log back up and running nonetheless.


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