Electric shock at Fife Regatta

June 18, 2014


We arrived at Capernaum Pier on Friday afternoon, ahead of most of the yachts that were expected to turn up for the Fife Regatta on Saturday and Sunday. Within a few minutes of tying up, a naval architect chum arrived on his super tender. From his own design studio, it’s called the Mylne Bolt and it’s powered by a chunky 185bhp dollop of electricity.

Leaving Capernaum

Before I knew what had happened I was on-board. The shot above shows us leaving our Macwester Malin and Capernaum Pier behind. I was expecting power, as the Bolt is the current (sorry) British record holder for the “Unrestricted Electric Runabout” class, but I wasn’t expecting the fabulous noise. Aren’t electric-powered vehicles supposed to be silent?

Onboard Mylne Bolt

A few minutes later, I had the privilege of taking the Bolt for a short spin, truncated only because I needed to get back ashore.

Mlyne Bolt on Forth

Not long after, I had the opportunity to head back out on the Bolt again …and I didn’t need to be asked twice. It’s a hoot! We headed out into the middle of the River Forth, where we rendezvou-ed with the local club safety boat. I jumped ship and shot some video of the Bolt from the other boat.

MacwesterMalin pre-Regatta

After lunch on Saturday more yachts arrived for the regatta, so we set sail before it got too busy. The little Hunter 23 behind our 32 ft Macwester had just arrived from Newcastle.

NASA Clipper Duet

Sailing east, it was a relief to see that our depth and speed logs were both operational at last. It’s been a frustrating two years trying to fathom out (sorry again) the problem, which in the end wasn’t interference but a faulty display, which had either been returned faulty from the manufacturer, or had developed a fault on return from the manufacturer two years previously.

Macwester Malin Port Edgar

Although there was a lot of activity at the marina, we enjoyed the relative tranquility of the day’s warm but rather sultry weather.

Leaving Port Edgar

The following day, our Macwester Malin was crammed full of family members that we took for a short, but enjoyable sail under the bridges. The shot above shows us leaving Port Edgar, with the Queensferry Crossing under construction in the background.

Hound Point looking west

We pootled along Peatdraught Bay and out past Hound Point, before time pressure required us to head back under the bridges again, but at least we had a gentle easterly behind us, and that was precisely what we needed with several non-sailors on-board. On the way back to Port Edgar we were buzzed by the same Fairline Squadron that we had followed out of the marina an hour or two earlier. Our guests had a great time, and it’s fair to say that we had a fab weekend too. Happy days!



  1. Can anyone tell me what happened to Malin Cristala used to be berthed at Kip Marina


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