Closing Cruise 2014

October 1, 2014

River Forth heading east

With the weather turning a noticeably colder but still better than could be expected for late September, we squeezed in one last overnight before crane-out. Not knowing precisely where we would end up, we set sail down river thinking that we might reach Aberdour. The wind was gusting over 25 miles an hour from the west, so we kept our Macwester Malin’s main and mizzen under wraps and were easily making 4 knots on a well-reefed genoa. The crew wasn’t feeling too great so we brought in the head sail and motored the rest of the way to the bridges. We also changed our destination from Aberdour to South Queensferry.

Unsurprisingly we bumped into some chums not long after arriving, and were told that the forecast was for a force 8 overnight. That wasn’t in line with the forecast I had checked, but nonetheless I increased the number of warps and put out additional fenders. Fortunately the high winds didn’t turn up and we had a comfortable night.

Peatdraught Bay and Forth bridges

The following morning we set off for a long walk to Peatdraught Bay while the tide was out (see view to the west above). It was interesting to see what lies beneath the surface especially the rocks; I’ll have a better idea of what to avoid next time we anchor there (looking north to Hound Point below).

Peatdraught Bay rocks and Hound Point

By the time we made it back to our Macwester Malin the tide was well on the way back in, and we reluctantly set course back to our mooring (see below).

Macwester Malin mooring

If you have noticed that this post is a little flat, that reflects how we felt all weekend. It was a bit like eating the last mouthful of a yummy hot chocolate pudding; impossible to relish because your mind is relentlessly gravitating towards the imminent disappointment of being left with nothing but memories, calories, and sticky fingers.

Next stop crane-out and six months of endless darkness.



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