Winterisation & off-season meandering

December 18, 2014

Macwester Malin hard standing

It’s been over two months since crane-out and it’s hard to believe that there’s another four months before the new season, as crane-in 2015 is scheduled for the 18th of April.

As always, one of the first jobs we do is to pressure wash our Macwester Malin’s bottom. You can see a before and after patch in the inset above. This year we got the engine winterised quickly and after removing the sails and cockpit tent amongst other chores we turned our attention to our dinghy.

Dinghy fendering

My attitude to our dinghy is to make sure that it’s serviceable, but I see no reason to spend huge amounts of time, effort and cash on it, as that only increases it’s appeal to thieves. This year however, we splashed out on some fendering.

Dinghy fender 2

The justification for spending the money was not related to the dinghy; we wanted to stop the dunts that the dinghy delivers to our Malin’s hull when we’re on the mooring and the weather’s a bit on the lively side. Hopefully the new rubber will do a better job than the original wooden strake was doing.


We made great progress on all maintenance jobs and we were finished well ahead of schedule due mainly to the great autumn and early winter weather.

Promenade Bat

When we weren’t at the yacht club, we were typically out and about for walks and day trips up and down the Firth of Forth. The above shot shows one of the bats that were zipping up and down the edge of the promenade just along from our mooring.


In early December we popped up to the East Neuk by car and after a good lunch by the open fire in the Dreel Tavern, we meandered down the coast from Anstruther to Elie. To the bottom right of the image above you can spot one of the seals in the harbour at dusk in Pittenweem. We watched two or three seals compete with the gulls for the scraps from the fishing trawlers.

The recent “weather bomb” that hit Scotland looked phenomenal up the north-west coast of Scotland, but thankfully didn’t have the same impact on the east. The weather has become more unsettled though and that’s likely to slow down the good progress we’ve been making.

Mustn’t grumble; we’ve been very lucky so far.


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