Nasa Clipper Duet replacement

May 6, 2015

Mooring wide shot May 2015

I took the very first opportunity I had to swap out our old Nasa Clipper Duet (depth and speed) display unit with a brand new one after it became clear at crane-in that the old one wasn’t operational.


We purchased a full system, which means we have some spare parts to add to the boat’s inventory including a new depth transducer and speed log. I replaced the depth transducer in 2012 (see here), and the existing speed log works perfectly well. In addition I decided to retain the old display unit as there’s a chance that the fault might have been caused by a loose connection.


Swapping the units over was a straightforward job that took about an hour or so by the time I had read the instructions and double-checked everything. It was during the process of swapping out the display that I realised a loose connection might have been the cause. Either way I was happy that the new display unit was installed.


We headed out on to the River Forth to check that it all worked properly, and we got reassuring readings that were in line with our expectations. It’s particularly good to have the reassurance of knowing what’s under our keels again, rather than using local knowledge, maps, pilot books, and our Garmin chartplotter to avoid shallow water.

Lombardini engine anode

I also checked our Lombardini diesel engine’s anode. It was showing almost no noticeable wear over the last year, so I popped it back in and will check it again during the season. Before calling it a day, we carried out some more small jobs that we didn’t get done before crane-in.

Macwester Malin River Forth mooring

Hopefully we’ll get out for a shakedown sail within the next few days, although the weather has been pretty poor so far this year compared to last year.


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