El Niño = no go

May 31, 2015


As May 2015 slips through our fingers, we’re getting ever more frustrated that we haven’t managed one single cruise since crane-in six weeks ago. Of course there have been some fine days, but at the weekend these have been in isolation, so while we could have set sail for an overnight sortie, we wouldn’t have been able to get back the next day.

Okay, okay, when I say wouldn’t have been able to get back, that’s not 100% accurate. However these days we are dyed-in-the-wool, fair-weather sailors and we choose not to set sail knowing that there’s a storm on the way.

Been there, done that; and the T-shirt remains in tatters (see here).


We did have one overnight at our club pier in May (see 180 degree breakfast view above), and in theory we could have squeezed in a cruise that weekend, but we had some maintenance to carry out, plus the tides would have left us struggling against yet another incoming weather front, so we decided to exercise patience …it’s a virtue don’t you know.

Forth Bridges from Port Edgar

From time to time we have been out and about catching up with our sailing chums, however that’s been by road which isn’t quite the same.

So, as the rain is pelting relentlessly off the dingy window of my land-locked garret, let’s hope that the north of the UK manages to get out of the dismal weather pattern that we’re stuck in, and then, at last, hopefully we can all go sailing!


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