East Coast Sailing Festival 2015

August 24, 2015

East Coast Sailing Festival start line

On leaving Dalgety Bay we headed directly for Port Edgar, which was the venue for the four-day 2015 East Coast Sailing Festival. The marina was packed, and we were sorry to learn that many boats including a seventy-footer called off at the last minute as there was no guarantee of a berth.

We were on-board Stark Ravin a Sigma 38 for the start of the first race on day one. We did have some engine trouble on the way to the start line as a jellyfish was sucked into the engine’s water intake, but the skipper sorted the problem out without too much fuss.


I can’t put my hands on a half-decent photograph of Stark Ravin at the time of publishing this post, however all going according to plan, I’ll come back and update the image above at a later stage. [UPDATE] Now updated with a photograph taken in November 2015.

Tug water cannon display

Two tugs made the short trip over from Hound Point and treated onlookers a water display. The first race course lay to the east and the yachts were away for four or five hours.

HMS Prince of Wales passing Inchcolm

After the racing was over for the day, a new section of the second aircraft carrier (HMS Prince of Wales) made its way to Rosyth to join HMS Queen Elizabeth.

HMS Prince of Wales (part) Rosyth

I had meant to have a closer look when the hull section was coming under the bridges, but other things got in the way. I took the shot above when we all went out on a booze cruise aboard the Forth Belle. To be honest, it wasn’t really our kind of thing, but it was a different way of spending the night.

Packed marina

More racing and messing around on boats followed over the following four days. After the hog roast and prize-giving ceremony we spent a night on Christina II, a green fishing boat which can just be seen to the left of the photograph above, with our Macwester Malin circled to the right.


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