Up, up and away …to Port Edgar

September 13, 2015

Macwester Malin drone copyright Charlie Simpson

The aerial shots above and below are stills grabbed from a drone video, shot by our chum Charlie, a fellow Macwester owner (thanks Charlie). Charlie happened to be flying his drone from the pier when we were slipping our Macwester Malin’s mooring a couple of days ago. The aerial shot above and two below are all copyright of Charlie Simpson.

Above: you can just see our orange Hippo buoy to the left of the image.

Macwester Malin starboard copyright Charlie Simpson

Above: ‘the crew’ out on deck diligently scanning the horizon for ill-tempered mutant clams.

It wasn’t the brightest of days, and there wasn’t all that much in the way of wind, but we managed to dodge most of the clouds …to a point.

Drone overhead copyright Charlie Simpson

After the point mentioned above, we ran out of luck and were engulfed in an all-engulfing cloud. The still above shows ‘the crew’ waving up at the drone before the rain arrived.

Port Edgar marina September 2015

A couple of days later we nipped over to Port Edgar and enjoyed some sunshine. There was a noticeable lack of good weather earlier in the summer in Scotland, however there has been more warmth on offer at the tail end …and we’ve taken as many opportunities as possible to soak it up.

Macwester Malin River Forth September 2015

In no hurry to beat a dropping tide, we meandered leisurely back home. That’s not a luxury that we’ve enjoyed much this year; all too often our Macwester has been motoring into strong head winds against the prevailing tide, so it was a welcome change.



  1. Drone photography is the way forward. In the film industry, they are so reliable they are putting helicopters out of business. I’d advise Charlie to make sure his floats thought!


    • Thanks Jamie …it was great to see our yacht from above, so many thanks again to Charlie. As it happens, we’ve actually started referring to helicopters as “manned-drones”!


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