Get well soon Forth Road Bridge

December 4, 2015


As widely reported in the media today, following it’s closure overnight, it seems that the Forth Road Bridge is to remain closed until 2016. Regular readers of this blog will be used to seeing our photographs of the bridge and it’s replacement, the Queensferry Crossing, which is due to open next year.

Clearly the plan was that the Forth Road Bridge would be in service until the new bridge is completed. Hopefully the closure will be short-lived, but its early days and it could be that vehicle users are in for many weeks, if not months of detours further up river to Kincardine; a detour of approximately 45 miles one-way. That’s bound to be made substantially worse by the volume of traffic, as 80,000 vehicles cross the Forth Road Bridge daily (source BBC).

Flotilla Reaper

This is all in stark contrast to last year, when we took part in the celebrations to mark the Forth Road Bridge’s 50th birthday. We were part of the flotilla [above], and were in Port Edgar for the awesome fireworks [below].


What a difference a year makes (the firework event was a great night). Hopefully the engineers will be able to nurse the bridge back to health sooner rather than later.



UPDATE: The Forth Road Bridge opened to all traffic except HGVs on the 23rd of December 2015. The shot above, taken on the 22nd of December shows the bridge without any traffic. Fingers crossed that won’t be repeated any time soon.


One comment

  1. Flippant remarks of Irn Bru spring to mind but seriously, hindsight had better be put to use on the new bridge ! Otherwise history will repeat itself, pretty is all very well but is it practical not in the long term. What cost it’s impending demolition and recycling, another we can look at that later when its cost will be much more och aye.


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