Christmas cheers!

December 28, 2015


With party season well underway, the crew and I have been enjoying ourselves with family and friends. Christmas day was great, with a slightly over-crispy goose (that’s the way I like ’em) being the lowest point …so not so bad really.


As usual there were boat-related gifts aplenty; “the crew” spoiled me with a new painting of our Macwester Malin with her sails up [above left], to add to the painting she gave me earlier this year of our Malin on her mooring [detail, top]. The fuzzy detail [above right] is from another painting of our Malin with her sails up, but it’s taken through glass hence the lack of clarity. If I get the time, I’ll take a photograph without the glass.

With Hogmanay just a few days away, there are still over three months until crane-in, however I’ll be busy with maintenance and upgrades until then. Crane-in 2016 will be here before we know it (Yay!)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!




  1. Hi, I’ve just found your site whilst researching these Malin yachts.
    I’m considering buying a Malin that needs some work – it’s a good price at £10000! But I’m bewildered by the helming position and the wheel being back to front. Is it an issue for you? Any thoughts welcome! Thanks.
    Charles H.


    • Hi Charles,

      It’s fair to say that the wheel looks a bit strange at first, however it makes no difference to operation. The reason that it appears to be back to front is that the helm is as far forwards as it can be, while still facilitating engine bay access. If the wheel was on the other (more traditional) side it would seriously hamper access to the aft cabin.

      Hope that helps with your deliberations.

      Best of luck!


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