Macwester Malin heads refit – part five

May 13, 2016


Although not strictly the heads compartment, a related area that I tackled at the same time is the floor in the forepeak where the original heads had been located. This was also where the replacement Porta-Potti lived. It’s been a bit of an eye-sore since we bought our Macwester Malin back in 2011 and now was the perfect opportunity to put that right.


When I removed the old wooden floor, I was relieved to find pristine GRP underneath. I used the old wood as a template for trimming-out the replacement Treadmaster rubber flooring. This is an even bigger improvement than the photographs above suggest.

I have also purchased a beige access hatch, which will be fitted into the vertical GRP to the right of the image above, to enable easier access to the inlet seacock when the v-berth infill is in place. Just waiting for the 140mm hole saw that I need to arrive.


It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes to fit the air vent, as I had already cut the hole in the ceiling panel, and pre-drilled the screw holes through the vent itself.


I used a small amount of silicon rather than an adhesive to bed in the light switch. I want to be able to remove the switch easily in the event of any electrical issues in the future.


I made sure that the hole for the stainless steel loo roll holder was a very tight fit, as there was no obvious way of securing it in place, and as with the light switch, I didn’t want to use an adhesive. Again, I may need to remove the fitting, given the hole it sits in provides access to the pump on the right.


I left a 3mm space to the left of the wood surrounding the Treadmaster rubber flooring, as I will source something to cover the damaged veneer. That’s probably going to be acrylic, although I’d like to source a solution a with a more natural texture if possible.


The shot above shows how the heads on our Macwester Malin is looking just now. Although there are still a few items required to complete the refit, not least fitting a door frame and door, our new heads compartment is functional. No doubt I’ll finish off some of the smaller items during the season, but installing the door and door frame is a job I’ll do after crane-out 2016.

Enough of this DIY nonsense.

Where’s my tide tables? Surely it’s time for our long overdue shakedown cruise!



  1. Hey.. I remember the look on your face when you visited me in your suit once upon a time, and there I was, highly accomplished individual, in my dungarees, beaming that I managed to concrete screed my first floor! Trowel in hand, proud like a new dad! Fast forward to today and it’s with much merriment I’ve followed your tussle with a…. toilet… Nay, a sea- going toilet. I’ll give you that! It takes a soulless man to resist the aroma of an anti bacterial silicone, or the call of a dremel. Congrats for stepping into the unknown. It was once said that a woman mentioned to her partner that she’d like to watch while he pleasured himself… What she got out of an hour and a half of him cutting a 32mm hole in a piece of slightly soggy plywood is anyone”s guess! Have a great season afloat y’all and hope to catch up with you soon!!


    • Hey the J-man, yes I too remember thinking to myself …why is this loony – with all his talent and accumulated wealth – spending his scarce spare time slaving like a navvy. Still, I guess I can now just about see the satisfaction that you get from it.

      Me? I’d much rather be sailing mate. Hope to see you and the team over the summer. We should make plans.


  2. Great job – the attention to detail is very impressive and makes me very envious. Where did you get the flooring by the way? Looks good!


    • Thanks very much for your kind words. Bought flooring on eBay. Onboard just now but will send you any info I dig up (if I find any) when I’m in front of a computer.


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