Macwester history

The Macwester Marine Company Limited was started in 1964 by the late C.S.J. (Jim) Roy and went on to build over 1500 yachts ranging from the 15ft Kelpie to the 36ft Seaforth & Hebridean.

The Macwester product range included the Kelpie, Rowan 22, Rowan Crown, Rowan Rose, Rowan 8m, Creeler, Macwester 26, Macwester 27, Macwester 28, Macwester 30, Wight MkII, Pelagian, Seaforth, and Hebridean.

The most successful Macwesters [built by Macwester Marine], were the 26 [466], the Rowan 22 [240], and the 27 [220]. In terms of the larger model volumes, there were 190 Wight MKIIs built, along with 70 Malins, 4  Pelagians, and 20 Seaforth/Hebrideans. Atlanta Marine, and Trident Marine, along with other smaller manufacturers such as Mariners Boatyard Limited also built Macwester-based yachts until around 1985, seven years after Jim Roy retired. It’s currently unclear how many additional examples these manufacturers produced.

Although there must be a detailed history of the Macwester production years spread out amongst the press, owners, collectors, enthusiasts, former employees and their families, precious little is currently in the public domain, and with events taking place before the digital revolution, it seems to me that there is a real danger of the Macwester story being lost forever.

With this in mind, I hope to gather together enough information to bring detail to the Macwester production story from 1964 through to Jim Roy’s retirement in 1979 and beyond to the mid-eighties. If you have any information in the form of data, specifications, files, product literature, or even photographs of the factory, yard, staff, or products, then please contact me at macwesterphotos [at] yahoo.com.



  1. No mention of the Wight Mk 1?


    • Hello Dave,

      Sorry for the delay; been offline sailing.

      There appears to be quite a bit of dense fog around the Macwester Wight Mk 1. It could be argued that the 28 aft cabin was the original Mk 1 Wight, but that’s not clear (to me at least) at the moment.

      I personally haven’t seen any photos of a 28 Wight anywhere. However there are photos of a 27 with an aft cabin (possibly a Wight, but unsure whether this was a special built elsewhere), and a 30 ‘Wight’ on this website.

      If you have photos that you’re happy to share, I’d be delighted to post them in the Macwester Photobank section of this website.

      Please email to macwesterphotos [at] yahoo.com.



  2. I’ll try to dig up some info, my father was the Financial Director for many years till the yard closed.


    • My brother and I also worked for MacWesters


  3. hope you like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHgbXOPp7xE


  4. Hello,
    Thanks for all these informations.
    Do you know the headroom in a macwester 27 ? As i’m tall (1.9m) this is important for my comfort…

    Best regards, Etienne (Belgium)


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