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If you have interesting old photos of Macwester (or Macwester derivatives from Atlanta, Bal Marine, Mariners Boatyard, Trident etc) photos from the past or present that you hold copyright over, please feel free to send these in for inclusion.

A big thanks to all contributors.

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Macwester Photo Bank – model list

>> Macwester Kelpie (15ft)

>> Macwester Rowan 22

>> Macwester Rowan Crown (24ft)

>> Macwester Rowan Rose / Rowan 8m (26ft)

>> Macwester Creeler

>> Macwester 26

>> Macwester 27 / Bal Marine 27 Wight

>> Macwester 28 / 28 Wight

>> Macwester 30 / 30 Wight

>> Macwester Wight Mk II (32ft)

>> Macwester Malin (32ft Wight MK II replacement)

>> Macwester Pelagian (33ft Wight derivative)

>> Macwester Seaforth / Hebridean (36ft)

>> Retro & UMOs

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If there is no link above, there are currently no photos available for that model.



  1. Not sure the earlier Wights were ever referred to as “Mk I”.

    The first centre cockpit design was the Macwester 28 Wight, followed by the Macwester 30 Wight then came the Wight Mk II (at 32′)


    • Hey Mike,

      Point taken …I’ll shrink the category from two to one which will now cover all flavour of Wights.

      Thanks for your help with this.


  2. As the Wight Mk II is 30% bigger than the original Mac 28 Wight I am not sure about lumping them together, I was perhaps wrong to question the term Wight Mk I as I see lots of owners list their boats by that description in the Owner’s List (there are also some 30 Wights listed but no 28 Wights however I suspect the Mk Is to be 30 footers)


    • Hello Mike,

      Looking at the Macwester owners website model list, for the moment I’ve decided on the following categories:

      Macwester 28
      Macwester 30
      Macwester Wight Mk II

      The Macwester 28 & 30 categories will accomodate both Wight and non-Wight versions. The Wight versions appear to have been named ‘Macwester 28 Wight’, and ‘Macwester 30 Wight’. So the length was stated first, and then the Wight configuration.

      Hopefully this makes sense. If not I can always make further adjustments.

      Thanks again for your help!


  3. I have a 1971 Macwester 30 foot centre-cockpit ketch, sail number 58, now officially referred to as a Wight Mk1. No doubt that, in its early days, it was called the Wight ketch to distinguish it from the aft-cockpit sloop. Only when the 32 footer was introduced, as the Wight Mk2, would it have been necessary to refer to my model as the Wight Mk1.


  4. Has anyone ever actually seen one of the 28′ Wights?
    [The center cockpit 28′]. I’ve seen no photos here, though we did comment on it briefly last summer. I’ve found nothing on the net but in two years- but the comments here and the original description on the Macwester group website.



    • I haven’t seen a 28 Wight, or even a photo of one …but they do exist. If you go to the Macwester 28 page on this website [ https://macwester.wordpress.com/macwester-28-atlanta-28/ ] and scroll down to the comments at the bottom, you will see that a reader offered to send in a photo of their 28 Wight last September, but unfortunately the image hasn’t arrived so far.


      • First Wight: Apologies …correction.

        The information directly above is wrong. The Macwester I referred to isn’t a Wight …so that is not an example that I can claim exists. Subsequently, I don’t know of any Macwester 28 Wights at this moment in time. The Macwester Owners Association might be able to help you with this, as they have extensive offline documentation.

        If you learn new information, please let others know here if you get the chance.


      • Hi, I sent an email, but wonder if it might have been filtered out of your inbox, so just a quick follow up- have you any more thoughts about what the Macwester “27” really is, the boat we were discussing in Holland? The specs just don’t match the mythical 28′ Wight, but the aft cabin doesn’t belong on the 27′ either [?]


    • Hello all,

      I’ve seen the Rose of Tudor recently and took some pictures. I’m not a Macwester expert but in my opinion this is a genuine Macwester 27. I’ve measured the boat and the dimensions confirm this. The aft cabin is really original. It’s about 70cm long. The storage under the cockpit seats does not exist. It’s clear this comes right out of the mold. I have sent a few pictures to the mail address from this site.

      Best regards from Holland


  5. Hello, my name Benigno Faraldo, live in La Coruña (NW Spain). I have a Macwester Wight 32.
    I can send you pictures How?


    • Hola Benigno. Sorry for the delay, we’re ‘away’ in Tarbert on the West coast of Scotland at the moment (so I’m using my mobile phone). It would be great to see your Wight. Please send photos to: macwesterphotos [at] yahoo.com and i’ll upload them when i get back to a computer. Best wishes


  6. Hi there JEAN-ANNE a mac wight 32 can anyone advise where I
    purchase a spare belt for the wheel steering please ?
    John B.


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