Party season draws to a close

February 4, 2013


Club parties, Christmas parties, birthday parties, cocktail parties …and yes, work parties as well. It’s been quite hectic over the last month or two, but this has been more to do with our yacht club’s social circle and member activities than our Macwester Malin, which has been in hibernation through the worst of the Scottish winter.


While we’ve had fun there has also been a fair bit of progress made around our club (through our weekly work parties) including re-roofing the shed, and laying new sinkers. This week I managed to evade digging-holes-in-the-mud duty for a change, and helped manufacture six concrete sinkers instead.


When we’ve had family time, we’ve been guilty of sneaking in a ‘boat-fix’ whenever possible, with trips to harbours and marinas in Arbroath, Tayport, Granton, Dunbar, St Abbs, Eyemouth, and even the new marinas in Greenock and Sandbank (Holy Loch) on the West coast of Scotland. The above shot (looking South towards Cumbrae) was taken on-board the “Sound of Shuna” while travelling across the Clyde between Gourock and Hunters Quay on Saturday. It’s only a twenty-minute crossing, but it was good to be out on the water …even if it was on board a car ferry.

With party season coming to an end and with only two months to go before crane-in, our thoughts are now turning to the new sailing season. We’ve started making a few boat-related purchases, including 5 litres of anti-foul paint, a 2kg anode, and replacement 16mm shackles for the rear strops. February is going to be spent focussing on the key tasks that really need completion while our Macwester is on the hard. We have our fingers crossed that the weather is kind to us and we make good progress, as that will mean less pressure come March.



  1. Hi, Just a though about concrete sinkers and you all digging holes. My boat is moored at Wells next the sea in Norfolk. My boat insurance states that all sail boat moorings have to be profesionally laid ie by the harbour authority? Hate insurance get out clauses but does need considering.


    • Hello Peter,

      Wells next the sea is a lovely spot. Never actually been there but nearly made the journey two or three years back to look at a Malin, and I have spotted it on television (‘Coast’).

      Thanks for taking the time to bring this matter up. The truth is I don’t know whether our insurance has a similar clause, so I’d better check before crane-in. I guess that everyone in our club is in the same boat, and there’s likely to be someone with the same clause as you. With this in mind, I’ll bring this matter up with our ‘Piers & Moorings’ Rear Commodore.

      Thanks once again for taking the time to mention this. Happy sailing when the time comes!


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