Crane-out 2015

October 12, 2015

Last few remaining yachts

As has been the case every year since we bought our Macwester Malin back in 2011, crane-out turned-up with the predictable frequency of an appointment card for your dental check-up. It’s hard to believe that six months have gone by since crane-in.

Above: We were the last to leave our harbour, with Ramillies and Calloo [right] both slipping their moorings a few minutes earlier.

Macwester Malin 32 mooring

The weather was good, with a light easterly. In fact, the weather in September and October 2015 was better than much of the preceding El Niño summer.

River Forth crane-out 2015

Having procrastinated for as long as we could, we set sail with all the alacrity of a doomed sinner heading for the gallows. Ramillies was already heading in towards the crane, as can be seen in the shot above. When we reached roughly where she was fifteen minutes later, we had to hang around with Calloo for at least half an hour as there was a bit of a queue for the executioner.

Macwester Malin in slings

Eventually, inevitably, we got the call …and within seconds of coming alongside, our Macwester Malin had a pair of strops underneath, and her keels were dangling in mid-air.

At least the end was quick.

Macwester 32 in slings

The lift went well with no winds or other issues to be concerned about. In fact, I’d say that process-wise, it was the most relaxed crane-out that she’s had over the last five years.

Macwester Malin on the hard

A few short minutes later, she was firmly planted on five sets of wooden sleepers. As you can see from above, the antifoul paint was dirtier than we would normally expect, but that appeared to be the same for the other yachts in the yard.

Six months of consignment to the hard standing starts here.


One comment

  1. Dead right its flown by yet again. Didnt actually get out as much this year due crap weather. Also had loads of brown whatever all over the hull and really hard to pressure wash off. . Strangely no barnacles this year or green growth except on the log and sonar bits? Same uno cruiser antifoul as last year but no passengers of any sort. Strange!


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