Malin v Wight

The Macwester Malin was an evolution of the Macwester Wight Mk II. You could argue that the Malin is a Macwester Wight Mk III. Below is an image of a Wight Mk II that we very nearly purchased, and underneath is a similar view of our Malin.

Please note that the camera angles, height of tide and other factors mean that these boats appear different, but in essence the front half of both models is virtually the same. The sprayhood and cockpit tents are both post-production solutions by different suppliers.


Wight photo copyright: E Malcolm

The side wall of the Malin’s cockpit is higher than the Wight’s (which dips), and the aft cabin is more spacious. The extra space was achieved by increasing the height of the cabin roof and creating a flat rear deck area.

Macwester Malin



  1. Hullo,

    Your Malin looks nice – was thinking of Wight/Malin for myself – with your experience do you have a view on:
    (a) The optimum size of engine (HP) to see you through sticky situations on a Malin.
    (b) Why your boat has a cockpit cover, which I gather you provided yourself, while other Wights/Malins that I see have a hard cover with windows and a roof.

    Any info appreciated.




    • hey sandy, onboard at the mo so no wifi – using my mobile phone. 30 hp plus does the job well. Many Wight/Malin doghouses diy not factory-spec. Factory-spec good, diy looks wrong to my eyes. Ours had neither when we bought her, so we fitted a tent in NL. Hope this helps.


      • Many Thanks – very helpfull – good sailing



  2. Hello I have a Malin “TARA” based in Essex sailing the River Blackwater. I love her to bits, and have just had new replacement 40hp Volvo fitted and bow thruster as manoeuvring in Marina with no steerage in reverse can be a challenge. I have a 3 bladed prop probably original, and at eng revs over 1200 there is a sympathetic buzzing around the aft cabin area. It was present with the original BMC engine but that made so much racket it wasn’t a problem. Have you ever suffered from this noise. Great blog Best wishes Chris


    • Hi Chris, Thanks for your kind words re the blog.

      Our Malin has a replacement engine coupled to what I believe is the original prop too. Similar set-up to yours, however I haven’t noticed a buzzing around the aft cabin area.

      You’ve probably already thought of these possibilities: Could this be down to differences in the internal fixtures and fittings and how they react to vibration from the engine bay? I wouldn’t have thought that the mizzen mast and rigging would be the cause (if you have a ketch). The only other thing that springs to mind might be down to engine alignment with the shaft – but that seems less likely given the recent engine swap. Please keep in mind that I’m not a techie expert Chris, so I could be well wide of the mark. I’ll listen out for any vibration in the aft cabin come the new season. Best wishes!


    • Do you have a rope cutter near the prop? We have a Wight and had a sort of buzzing noise in aft cabin, looked at low water and found the teflon bearing and worn away so replaced and found ok.


  3. An excellent suggestion, but no rope cutter, currently all masts off and all rigging being replaced. Have removed old radar unit weight 15 kilos from mizzen which should lessen vibrations plus when rigging correctly tensioned might help matters plus I’m renewing cutlass bearing as not sure last time replaced and there is some wear in bush. Will let you know if successful when launched early Sept (hopefully) Thanks.


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