May the Forth be with you

May 4, 2014

Forth Bridge

We managed to hit the waves for the first three weekends in a row, which must be some sort of personal best record for the start of the season. This time we made it past all two and a half of the Forth bridges and on to Aberdour (shown in the circle below, from on-board in Mortimer’s Deep). We were heading straight into an easterly, and as it was getting late in the day our sails stayed under wraps.

Approaching Aberdour from Mortimers Deep

Getting there was good fun, but the temperature noticeably dropped from six through to our arrival at seven on Friday night. The highlight of the journey was spotting our first puffin of 2014. As usual with puffins, it scampered beneath the waves before my camera powered up.

Aberdour Breakfast view

We spent a couple of nights alongside in Aberdour’s cosy harbour, where we were the first visiting yacht of the new season (according to the ABC visitor book at least). We caught up with our Aberdour-based friends and went for walks around the village and along the coast. It was more relaxing than exciting.

Macwester Malin Aberdour

Reluctantly we decided to head back to our mooring on the Sunday, as we had a few things that we wanted to achieve and we wouldn’t achieve them relaxing in Aberdour. Of course, by then the wind had veered round to the west (right on our bow) and we took the lazy/quick option of motoring back home.

Leaving Aberdour harbour

Although there had been some rain on Sunday, the weather was more settled again on the bank holiday Monday, and we ticked-off a few more items on our to-do list. It was a good weekend that was over all too soon.


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