Macwester Malin living-spaces

Clicking on the image below shows the spacial layout of our 6-berth example:

Macwester Malin living spaces

Having the full length of the hull available for living space no matter the weather is a major plus for us. We looked at many yachts [Westerly Konsort, Colvic Sailer 29, etc] with a typical three-space layout 1) v-cabin 2) main cabin 3) aft cockpit. However that configuration only provides access to two areas [the green and orange spaces above] when it’s raining heavily, while we have double the amount of interior spaces when we don’t particularly feel like getting wet and cold.

Macwester Malin Floorplan Diagram

I have seen Wights & Malins with various layouts. The key difference is typically to starboard where some have a single berth configuration where others have a double [see above].

Macwester Malin cut away or cut out diagram

A lot of Wights & Malins have an open doghouse [typically not factory fitted in my experience]. To my eyes the dog house is a wee bit ungainly [especially the after-market additions], so I’m quite happy not to have it and prefer the sprayhood and cockpit tent that we had fitted before we brought her back to the UK.

The image below is an original publicity shot showing the factory-fitted doghouse which has grown on me. Beware retro-fitted DIY doghouse examples with dubious build quality.

Original Malin publicity shot

The publicity shot above and both line drawings on this page have been scanned from original Macwester documentation that came along with the example we purchased. Copyright lies with Macwester and possibly the [unknown] photographer and illustrators.



  1. Most probably yours truly at the helm ! The photographer was most likely Anthony Reynolds of Worthing, who did most of the shots for Macwester at that time.


    • Hello Bob, Thanks very much for the info. It must have been strange to stumble across the photo so many years later. You look very relaxed at the helm.

      I spoke with Anthony previously and from what I remember that particular shot above wasn’t one of his. He did very kindly send over some shots that he had taken, most of which are posted here: https://macwester.wordpress.com/retro-umos/ …maybe you’re in one or two of those as well?


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